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Performance Air Filters

Performance air filters for cars:

In order to perform to the best of its ability, your engine needs to breath. Breathing clean air is essential to the life and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. The air filter is your engine's primary protection from dust and dirt. Factory filters are restrictive and tend to be manufactured from cheaper materials. By replacing your factory filter with a high-performance filter, you will notice your car performing better and air filter lasting longer.

Vivid Racing carries OEM replacement air filters, performance replacement filters, universal replacement air filters and replacement air filters for your aftermarket cold air intake systems and short ram air intake systems. We also carry air intake boxes, and various other intake parts and accessories to dress up your engine bay.

Our air filter collection includes everything from flat panel filters and colored air filters, to super hybrid filters, air cleaner filters and sports air filters. For certain models of cars, we have yellow, grey, green, red and blue air filters. We also have panel air filters for those models that require a high-performance panel air filter.

Vivid Racing carries high-performance replacement air filters for most cars. Here are just a few:

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