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Your car may have a lot of horsepower under its hood and it may in fact actually be fast, but if it doesn’t look the part, you’re just going to be passed by unnoticed. A body kit can help your car appear fast and track ready, so you will turn heads whether you are at a stoplight or reaching highway speeds.

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to purchasing a body kit for your vehicle. The most popular reason for installing a body kit is that it adds style to a car and helps it stand out in a crowd. After all, your car is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s an expression of your style, speed, and way of life. Adding a body kit can also help to better the aerodynamic flow of your car, which means its performance and fuel efficiency will improve.

Like a body kit, a lip kit can enhance the look of your vehicle and provide aerodynamic balance. Lip kits consist of one single feature, the lip spoiler, which is installed beneath the bumpers and side skirts of your car. A lip can also provide your car with added protection from scrapes and normal driving conditions on a daily basis.

Most body kits at the lower price tiers are available with ground effects, which include lips for the bottom of your existing bumper and side skirts that mount over the OEM rocker panels. Other kits include entire replacement bumper covers that appear more dynamic and can add to the aesthetics of your car. We also have kits that offer lightweight materials like carbon fiber, which include replacement fenders, trunks, hoods and quarter panels.


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