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Performance Brake Lines

Regardless of what you drive, chances are it has a hydraulic braking system that is supplying the muscle necessary to safety stop your vehicle. Wondering how it works? Well, when you step on the brake pedal, you are actually moving a plunger into the master cylinder that is behind it. The master cylinder then compresses brake fluid and sends it under pressure through lines to activate the brake pads present at each of the wheels. Throughout this process, the hydraulic pressure looks for the weakest, most flexible point in the system, like the brake lines. As pressurized liquid enters the brake lines, that are so flexible, the hose expands. This results in a reduction of fluid pressure and consequently, reduced braking power – which we don’t want! The simple solution here is to strengthen your braking system by installing lines that won’t flex. Stainless steel brake lines are known for perfectly fitting your vehicle by directly replacing your car’s factory brake lines.

Stainless steel braided brake lines improve brake pedal feel and braking response in comparison to the factory brake lines. Rubber factory brake lines expand when pressure is applied to the brake pedal, and cause the pedal to feel “soft and mushy.” This causes brake response time to be slower. To improve your braking response time, we at Vivid Racing suggest you invest in a set of high performance stainless steel braided brake lines. Steel braided brake lines add both safety and beauty to your vehicle. We also carry big brake kits, brake fluid and brake rotors to go along with the lines. Check out our wheel and tires, from industry-leading manufacturers, to go along with your brake package.

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