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Performance Brake Packages

Many of the brake packages we feature include the main components: rotors, calipers, brake pads and brake lines. Using cheap brake rotors can cause them to warp and wear out faster than quality ones. You want to do it right from the start; buy reputable rotors that won’t cause you to have to purchase new ones again anytime soon. It’s important to note that aftermarket OEM brake rotors have a longer life expectancy than factory ones. High performance brake rotors are thicker and can better withstand the heat generated by your vehicle’s braking system. If it’s high performance street or track rotors you want, you should check out drilled, slotted, or drilled and slotted brakes. Brake calipers can become very contaminated and rusted, and can even start to leak break fluid. This is because, like your rotors, calipers absorb a high amount of heat. What happens over time is that the heat can weaken and destroy the seals found inside them. Therefore, as with any part of your brake system, it is crucial that you pay attention to how your calipers look and function.

Most of the OEM replacement brake pads that we carry are designed for everyday drivers. If you are driving a high performance vehicle and taking it on the track, for example, you should find the brake pad that suits your needs. It can be very dangerous to push the limits of certain brake pads, which are designed for the average motorist’s commute, in severe operating conditions. Stainless steel braided brake lines improve brake pedal feel and braking response in comparison to the factory brake lines. Rubber factory brake lines expand when pressure is applied to the brake pedal, and can cause response time to be slower. We at Vivid Racing suggest that you invest in a set of high performance steel brake lines to improve your braking response time. On our site, you will also find a wide selection of brake kits, brake fluid and brake rotors to go along with the lines. Check out our wheel and tires, from industry-leading manufacturers, to go along with your brake package.

If you don’t see a brake package that meets your needs or desires, call us at 1-480-966-3040 for custom setups. Once you have a great package installed, you are going to need some wheels and tires. Brakes are no good when your wheels or tires are worn out. Visit our wheels and tire section on our website, and choose the set that is right for you!