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Performance Brake Pads

One of the most important components of your vehicle’s stopping performance is the brake pad. Most OEM replacement brake pads that are available are designed with everyday driving in mind. Consequently, they tend to sacrifice higher end performance capabilities to provide a longer lifespan to their products under normal operating conditions. This type of brake pad is perfect for the average motorist who uses their vehicle mostly for commuting. However, these brake pads can potentially result in dangerous consequences when installed on a high performance vehicle and subjected to severe operating conditions.

When driving your vehicle on a track or aggressively using your brakes, OEM replacement brake pads can fade, overheat, and cause a loss of stopping power. Sometimes the results are even a complete brake failure – something we definitely don’t want! We at Vivid Racing suggest that any car enthusiast, who plans on using their car in ways that differ from everyday driving, to upgrade to a performance pad that is specifically formulated for their driving manner. There are a few different types of brake pads out there for different uses. These include full race brake pads, OEM replacements, and performance street brake pads. Some of these require a heat cycle to bring them up to temperature, while others perform visibly better than the stock ones right away.

You can check for brake pad wear by viewing the pads from outside the front tire. On most cars, you can look through the openings on the wheel assembly to see the pads.  On rare occasions, you may have to remove the wheels. When viewing the pad, if you see that the depth is less than ¼-inch, plan on replacing it soon. If it's less than 1/8-inch, you're getting close to damaging the rotor. This is the time when you should replace the pads ASAP, or you will end up spending much more on rotors.

Another way to monitor your brake pads is to check them by ear. Brake pads have noisemaking shims in the brake assembly to tell you when the pads need changing. Have you even been driving and cringe at the sound of a car near you screeching. That means that their brake pads are most likely worn down and need to be changed. If you hear more of a scraping metal nose, it means that you’ve already damaged your rotors and need to fix the breaks immediately.

Street or racing compound, we have the brake pads for you. Vivid Racing carries OEM and big brake replacement pads for your vehicle. If you are unsure as to which brake pad is best for you, just ask us and we will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us at 1-480-966-3040. We are here to help you!