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Brakes are by far the most important safety feature in your vehicle. We tend to take the brake system for granted, because we just press the pedal and the car stops. However, it is crucial that you pay attention to this part of your car and take very good care of it. Otherwise, there may be a time when you may be unable to stop – G-d forbid!

It is important and beneficial to know just how the braking system works. By pressing on the brake pedal, you are forcing brake fluid to engage systems that force the brake pad onto the brake disc rotor. This results in friction, and consequently brings your car to a stop. The brake pads of your car are fitted to the brake caliper; this is the part of a vehicle that applies and releases the brake pads from the disc rotor. Inside of the brake caliper housing is a piston(s) that pushes or releases when the brake pedal is pressed. Specifically designed rubber components ensure that the brake (hydraulic) fluid does not leak or allow dirt into the system.

With many brake issues, your first indicator that something is wrong can be simply noticed through “driver feel.” If you sense a vibration, hear a high-pitched noise upon slowing down, or notice that it takes more force to stop, that’s when it is time to schedule a service appointment. Brake pads are usually the first in the braking system to fail. They are strategically designed to make it quite obvious when they are failing (or need to be changed). Make sure you remain alert of how your car sounds, feels and/or is responding when you release the brake pedal, and you’ll be fine.

However, you do not have to wait until you have a brake problem to change brake parts on your car. You may simply opt for a change in appearance, such as installing drilled and slotted rotors on your car. Bigger rotors or calipers can certainly give your car a different, more aggressive look. Browse our entire collection today and find what suits your tastes! Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your brakes at 1-480-966-3040.


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