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Adjustable Racing Cam Gears

Adjustable Cam Gears / Racing Cam Gears

Why Adjustable Cam Gears? Good question. High performance engines need the flexibility to be adjusted / tuned in every possible way. Light Weight adjustable camshaft gears help your engine to produce more horsepower by having the ability to make the small adjustments needed to produce more horsepower from your engine. Just like a carburetor, sparkplugs or suspension adjustability is always a plus and in some cases it’s a must!

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Vivid Racing carries Adjustable Cam Gears for most performance cars and trucks. We carry:

EVO VIII Adjustable Cam Gears
Acura Adjustable Cam Gears
Ford Adjustable Cam Gears
Honda Adjustable Cam Gears
Lexus Adjustable Cam Gears
Mitsubishi Adjustable Cam Gears
Nissan Adjustable Cam Gears
Subaru STI Adjustable Cam Gears

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Vivid Racing carries Camshaft Gears (Adjustable) from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Our manufacturers include: AEM cam gears, Fidanza, Greddy, HKS, JUN adjustable cam gears, Skunk2, Stillen cam gears, Toda, Tomei and Unorthodox Racing adjustable cam gears.

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