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Catback Exhaust Systems

Stock exhausts can rob your engine of horsepower, which is definitely undesirable. Our selection of high-flow performance catbacks can give you that power back. With a high-flow exhaust, your car will not only produce more power, but it will also sound better. It may be safe to say that everyone enjoys a throaty sounding car. So replace that stock exhaust today with one of our performance catback systems, and you will be glad you did.

A catback system is specifically engineered and designed to improve horsepower and deliver a high-performance sound. Called a catback because it is installed behind/after the catalytic converter, this type of exhaust system replaces a stock muffler and exhaust pipe arrangement. Since the system comes after the cats, there is no disruption of exhaust gas emissions. In other words, installing such a system does not change the factory emission output and therefore will still pass an inspection.

Increase in airflow/exhaust gas is found at the heart of a catback system. Increase in exhaust airflow is achieved with the use of larger-than-standard stainless steel exhaust pipes and a direct-flow muffler design. Airflow is also improved through the straight-flow design of the muffler chamber. The improvement and freedom of airflow through this exhaust system contributes to an increase in both horsepower and torque.

Another result of the straight-flow muffler design is the performance engine sound that will emit from it. The rich sound that is produced takes place when the exhaust gases fill the muffler chamber. It is there that they expand and a deep tone is created resulting in that throaty sound we all know and love.  

To add to the benefits already mentioned about catbacks, they also look great on your car. Your system will be visually improved by chrome that is applied to the muffler chamber and exhaust tips that are polished stainless steel.

If you are a car enthusiast who is looking for the benefits of performance, sound and appearance, then you should surely look into installing a catback system on your car. This bolt-on aftermarket system is simple to obtain and install, and will provide great improvements that will make you smile each time you drive your car. It will also turn heads and put smiles on those who watch you pass by. Applications of catback exhaust systems cover a wide range of makes and models including sports compact vehicles and muscle cars, as well as gas and diesel trucks.

Vivid Racing also carries parts for your car's whole exhaust system, including up-pipes, downpipes, mid-pipes, headers and exhaust tips to name a few.

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