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Waste gases and other combustion materials are taken out of an automotive engine by an exhaust system. It helps the automobile to run with a minimum of environmentally transmitted noise, smoke, and emissions. For the safe and effective running of the vehicle, a properly managed exhaust system is important.

The sound is one of those car enthusiasts' biggest underlying factors. A high-quality or performance exhaust can turn a vehicle's sound more lively. Each maker may produce its own signature sound by incorporating pipework and silencers. Although you probably have heard more of the really noisy aftermarket clearance exhaust systems, depending on what exhaust suits your car, there's quite a whole variety of sounds that can be offered especially here at Vivid Racing.

When it responds to so many of the perceptions, a performance clearance exhaust system gives you the biggest bang for the component purchasing dollar. You can sense the boost in strength as you stomp on the gas and get pulled back into the seat. The finely polished stainless steel tip can be seen and you can love how it accentuates the design of your ride. And when you notice the exhaust note's growl that transforms into a scream when you accelerate, you get a deep, intense sensation.

Since incorporating such a pipe to a double exhaust has been shown to release additional horsepower, several of the clearance exhaust systems we have to include an H-pipe or an X-pipe. Nothing occurs on the other bank as two near fired cylinders are depleting on one cylinder bank, so the attachment of both pipes essentially magnifies the exhaust system, enabling these exhaust bursts to escape from both ends of the system. Since both cylinder banks are making use of both ends of the clearance exhaust system, exhaust flow is improved, and increased exhaust flow implies more fuel.

Using flow benches and dynos, each of the systems we sell has been developed to decide the greatest way to decrease constraints and increase exhaust flow for more efficiency. Although the styles of mufflers can vary, all our exhaust pipes are mandrel-bent. The stretching of the mandrel guarantees seamless bends and preserves the dimension and form of the tube over the whole length. In tight bends, tubes that are not mandrel-bent can end up losing a proportion of their thickness, creating a limitation.

Sound is just as critical as additional power in buying a clearance exhaust system. That's why we've checked each of our systems to ensure you get the right exhaust sound, so you're going to enjoy riding behind your steering wheel. Efficiency and sound are important, but reliable components must also be made from an exhaust device such that it can last. All our systems, for long-lasting performance, are available in stainless steel or aluminized steel. Each contains stylish exhaust tips, generally constructed from stainless steel and beautifully made for specific appearance, but check out our range of exhaust tips if you want anything different.

Many of the exhaust systems we have are "cat-back" systems, meaning they have everything behind the catalytic converter to replace the exhaust system. This ensures that the exhaust system will be untouched and a smog check will also be passed on the car. If you ever need to upgrade your catalytic converter, however, we will give you an efficient alternative that will minimize emissions properly, but with improved exhaust flow relative to your original converter from the manufacturer. These converters have a monolithic catalyst for full flow and better flowing inlet and outlet joints optimized for honeycomb.

Try adding headers if you want to go any faster to decrease exhaust constraints and gain control. Headers substitute the exhaust manifolds in the factory, which normally flow badly. For each exhaust outlet, an exhaust header has separate tubing, enabling each exhaust pulse to escape from the cylinder head uninterrupted. In a wider tube called a collector, both tubes cross. The header tubes are typically wider in thickness than the exhaust manifold runners, and for incremental radius bends, the tubes are mandrel twisted, which decreases constraint and improves exhaust flow.

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