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Performance Coilovers

Coilovers/Coilover Suspension

Coilovers are a combination of a coil spring and shock absorber preassembled and matched to give your car the best in performance handling. Coilovers can have several features including adjustable ride height, camber plates or pillowball mounts, and adjustable dampening. Compared to your factory suspension, coilovers are designed to improve your handling with a stiffer setup that has a spring and shock absorber paired together to give the best reaction to the road surfaces and conditions. Depending on the damper type and its adjustability, the coilover will be able to act fast or slower to the road surfaces. Coilovers are usually available with or can be switched to different spring rates. Spring rates are what each spring is rated for. This unit of measure is sometimes in KG or lbs/in. A stiffer spring will be on the front of a car where the engine is usually. Coilovers are great for the weekend racer or the daily driver wanting the best handling and ride quality. Coilovers are a must for all road race cars.

You made an excellent choice in buying a set of adjustable coilovers. You may want to take a look at some of the other suspension parts we carry. Suspension parts typically related to coilovers, Strut Bars, Sway Bars, Inlinks, Bushings, Underbody and Mounts. We have them all.

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Vivid Racing carries Performance Coilovers from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Our manufacturers include: Tein, Bilstein, KW, JIC, Zeal, Buddy Club, Stance, and Tanabe, just to name a few. Give your vehicle a better ride and a lowered apperence with our Coilovers.

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