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Cold Air Intakes

It is important that you let your car’s engine breathe the unrestricted oxygen it needs in order to perform at its peak. A cold air intake system is an aftermarket solution to help your vehicle produce more horsepower and torque, as well as gain better fuel economy. Cold air intakes are built to position the opening of the air intake piping in a place in the engine bay that has colder, less restricted air. Colder air is denser and therefore has more oxygen. Your vehicle needs more oxygen at high quantities and high velocity outperform the factory air intakes.

Cold air intakes also use less restrictive air filters, which help the cold air intake system produce higher horsepower, torque, and gas mileage. Another benefit of a cold air intake system is the way it increases the appeal of a car by changing the appearance of the engine bay. Apart from aesthetics, cold air intakes also create an attractive sound difference.

Adding a cold air intake system to your vehicle is one of the first modifications you should consider doing to increase the overall performance of your vehicle. Vivid Racing carries cold air intake parts and accessories you will need to get the job done right. Designing and building a cold air intake system that’s right for you will not only be beneficial, but fun! Cold air intake tubes, hoses, scoops, manifold gaskets, air intake boxes and filters come in a variety of colors and can really accentuate the engine bay.

See what clean and cool air can do for your vehicle with a cold air intake. Buy online or give one of our world-class sales professionals a call at 1-480-966-3040. Vivid Racing was voted #1 in customer service nationwide!

Vivid Racing carries cold air intakes for most cars and trucks. Here are just a few:

  • Infiniti G35 Air Intakes
  • Acura Air Intakes
  • BMW Air Intakes
  • Mazda Air Intakes
  • Dodge Air Intakes
  • Volkswagen Air Intakes
  • Infiniti Air Intakes
  • GMC Air Intakes
  • Mini Cooper Air Intakes
  • Honda Air Intakes
  • Toyota Air Intakes
  • Mitsubishi Air Intakes
  • Nissan Air Intakes
  • Saab Air Intakes
  • Subaru Air Intakes
  • Scion Air Intakes