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ECU Tuning Improves Vehicle Performance

There are 2 types of ways to flash a vehicles ECU also known as the DME to gain improved driveability and performance.  The first is via the OBDII port on your vehicle, and the second is by removing your ECU to flash on the "bench".

OBDII ECU Tuning is the ability to read and write new performance calibration via the OBDII port.  There are many different tools that allow you to do this.  Once a file is read, a new performance tune is done and then flash back to the car via the OBDII port.  Some companies like Cobb Tuning store all this info on a handheld device so the tuning maps are available instantly.  OBDII tuning does not work for all vehicles.  Some vehicles have to be bench flashed because of tuning encryption.

Many ECU's can only be flashed in "boot mode" which requires the ECU to be removed from the vehicle.  Once removed from the vehicle, the cover is taken off and we utilize electronic bungy pins to connect to the circuit board to read the cars data.  The ECU must be sent in to us which we can then bench flash the car and send the ECU back out to you.

#1 priority is our customer service to you! Our tuning is used worldwide. We can provide you a tuned file no matter the environment you live in. Upon ordering of this ECU Flash Tune, you will be required to send in your ECU.  Once we receive the ECU and program it, we will ship it back to you via the method you select at checkout.  This ECU cannot be flashed via the OBDII port.  This requires the ECU to be mailed in to us to be benched flashed.  Bench flashing requires the ECU to be opened.  We DO NOT solder or modify your board in any way.  Using a electrical contact pins, we tie into the boards programming mode to read and write the file.  We do store your stock file if you ever want to revert.  Because the ECU must be removed and opened, if you are concerned with warranty, you may want to speak with your dealership.  Removing the ECU takes about 20 mins.