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Energy Suspension UNIVERSAL END LINK 2 3/4-3 1/4in. Front


Energy Suspension

Model #9.8162G

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Energy Suspension continues to be the World leader in performance polyurethane suspension technology. Dedication to manufacturing and developing superior products has established Energy Suspension as the most asked-for name in performance polyurethane components today. The complex and diverse nature of Energy's proprietary Hyper-Flex(TM) material requires constant attention to developing the optimum polyurethane formulas. This devotion has produced the quality components that our customers continue to demand. Providing problem-solving solutions with applications for the most popular vehicles, paired with our Limited warranty and superb customer support, Energy Suspension is your first quality choice in performance polyurethane suspension components.

UNIVERSAL END LINK 2 3/4-3 1/4in.



    Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.

    Fits position: Front

    Proposition 65

    /!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

    Vehicle Engine Notes
    Ford Escort

    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Mercury Comet

    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Mercury Monarch

    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Nissan 280ZX

    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Toyota Celica

    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Toyota Corolla

    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Toyota Corolla
    Sport DLX
    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Toyota Corolla
    Sport GTS
    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Toyota Corolla
    Sport SR5
    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Toyota Supra

    • Black; Range; 2.75in. To 3.25in.
    Energy Suspension is a self-contained company with all services in-house–in order to maintain the highest quality control possible. They have over two decades of in-house experience in innovating, engineering and formulating a wide selection of polyurethane components for many different industries. This has qualified Energy Suspension as a premier manufacturer of the highest quality polyurethane products available today. Excellence is company policy, from the initial design stages, where tolerances, pre-loads and material formulations are made–through the molding processes, to welding techniques, to hardware selection. This attention to component function and the devotion to quality has resulted in nine U.S. Patents for the company. Innovations include: FIRST with a state-of-the-art on-site new product development program which carefully analyzes various vehicle reactions equipped with Energy's Performance Polyurethane technology. FIRST with the largest product line in the industry for both import and domestic vehicles, and it still is! FIRST with replacement Performance Polyurethane automotive Control Arm Bushings containing outer metal shells. FIRST with a patented Performance Polyurethane Transmission Mounts utilizing an Interlocking Safety Feature. FIRST to offer complete Performance Polyurethane suspension bushing Master Sets for front-to-rear coverage of vehicle suspensions for popular import & domestic vehicles-called THE HYPER-FLEX SYSTEM. FIRST with Polyurethane Greaseable Anti-Sway Bar Bushings which feature easy greaseable zerk fittings.

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    Height: 2
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