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Exhaust Parts - Performance Exhaust Systems

Aftermarket high performance exhaust systems, or racing exhaust systems, are primarily intended to replace the factory fitted exhaust in order to gain performance. Our aftermarket performance systems are designed to both improve the look and sound of your car, while also increasing its overall performance. The general goal of installing an aftermarket system is to increase the engine’s horsepower by reducing the backpressure of the factory exhaust system. A beneficial side effect of a free-flowing, high performance exhaust system is a much healthier engine sound, which is desirable to most people. These aftermarket exhaust systems can also be used as a stylish upgrade by changing the visible parts of the exhaust system. For example, you can change the number, color and type of exhaust tips on your car.

Depending on your vehicle, Vivid Racing carries different performance exhaust systems and exhaust components. Most single exhaust systems consist of an exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, silencer (muffler and/or resonator) and a tailpipe. Dual exhaust systems typically use two exhaust pipes or an H-pipe, anywhere from two to six mufflers/resonators, and two tailpipes. Our products range from midpipes and exhaust headers, to silencers and exhaust gaskets. You can customize your exhaust system from how you want it to look and sound with the convenience of our online product lineup and detailed descriptions.

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