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Add on Aftermarket Exhaust Tips

If you are looking to increase the look of your rear as you pass your competition, it is time for a set of exhaust tips. They are a great way to finish that great exhaust system off too. Vivid Racing carries chrome tips, stainless tips, oval tips, dual tips, tri tips, quad tips and more! Exhaust tips are a simple and great way to make your exhaust system pop. Aside from just looking nice, they are also quite functional. Exhaust tips help protect your tail pipes from rusting and being damaged from scraping curbs or other destructive forces. In addition, you can choose from different colored ones as well.

Since exhaust tips are so easy to install, they are one of the more popular aftermarket upgrades out there like a cold air intake. This is good news, because it means that the auto market is flooded with different brands that carry a wide array of shapes and sizes of tips. These include round, oval, rectangular and square tips. It all depends on whether you want a more luxurious or sporty looking exhaust tip.

When choosing an exhaust tip, you have to think about the type of design and material you want. If you need to protect your vehicle from hot exhaust gases, opt for a turn-down exhaust tip. If you want to protect your exhaust top from being tarnished, choose metal tips such as chrome or stainless steel. Chrome exhaust tips are your best bet if you are looking for shine. You can also polish a 304 stainless steel tip. Both options are both weather and rust resistant. Titanium exhaust tips are a little pricey, but they are incredibly lightweight and often develop a beautiful blue tarnish over time. Carbon fiber exhaust tips are also on the expensive side, but they will never tarnish over time.

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