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Exterior Body Seals

Exterior Body Seals

The continual opening and closing of doors, the sliding up and down of windows, as well as the unavoidable pressures of the elements, wear down your vehicle's weatherstripping over time. Although we'd like to assume that some objects last indefinitely, exterior body seals and weatherstrippings on your vehicle or car might wear out due to a variety of circumstances, with unfavorable outcomes.

Consider yourself in the driver's seat, drenched with rainwater that has leaked in through your window. What if you opened the door to a musty odor or heard a loud blast of air every time you accelerate? Not only are the consequences of improper weatherstripping inconvenient to deal with, but they can also harm your vehicle's performance and cause interior problems.

You can rely on Vivid Racing exterior body seals to equip you with the greatest vehicle body weatherstripping parts instead of the traditional technique of putting duct tape around any gaps.

Why exterior body seals and weatherstripping are important?

Weatherstripping is a rubber material that protects the borders of your vehicle's windows, doors, windshield, and other surfaces from the elements. They're also known as "weather seals" or "weatherstrips," and they keep the extremes out of your vehicles, such as rainfall, snow, wind, and bugs. Weatherstrips also aid in keeping your doors shut, trunk secured, and windows tightly wrapped. When you buy online at Vivid Racing, you'll find a variety of seals for trucks and vehicles that are custom-fit to your vehicle's make and model year.

Water leaks, vibrations, wind disturbances, and metal-on-metal contact are all prevented by using a weatherstrip seal. When, on the other hand, should you replace your exterior body seals? Rather than replacing them after a certain number of miles or months, you should replace weatherstripping immediately as the original versions begin to show indications of wear. You should replace your seals if you start to hear the wind, have leaks, or have other issues.

Replacement is simple for DIY car lovers. However, pinpointing the specific location of the issue may be difficult. By utilizing a hose to examine where water is dripping or pooling, you can pinpoint the site of leaks. Even if the seal isn't leaking, it should be replaced before it causes problems if it's starting to crack or peel.

Common Areas of Exterior Body Seals

  • Car roof rail
  • Cowl
  • Division post glass
  • SUV bedside
  • SUV inner and outer header
  • Trunk
  • Window pillar or vent post
  • Windshield


Car door seals are connected to the outside edge of your door and seal it to the vehicle's structure. This weatherstripping prevents wind, debris, and water out while also assisting in closing the door. Some door weatherstripping is attached to the door with clamps that click into the door's holes. Another door weatherstripping is designed to be put in place with a weatherstripping adhesive for automobiles.


Window weatherstripping is found all around the perimeter of the window glass and aids in the movement of the window up and down. It also protects the inside of your vehicle from water damage.


Windshield weatherstripping runs around the whole perimeter of the windshield to keep water and wind out while also keeping the glass linked to the car. Windshield weatherstripping is applied to the surface of a glued-to-the-car windshield on certain cars, while it is put at about the same time as the windshield on the others. The glass's adhesives, pressure, or clips hold the rubber element in place.


Trunk seals, which link the trunk or deck cover to the body of the car, are also included in automotive weatherstripping upgrades. Not only do the seals protect snow, rain, and wind from getting into your trunk, but they also assist drain water towards the ground rather than allowing it to sit on top of it and damage it. The seal secures the trunk lid to the vehicle's body.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for weatherstripping and rubber weather seals. Vivid Racing carries a variety of tailored seals for many brands and models of trucks and cars to fit your vehicle's precise year, make, and model. All of our weatherstripping pieces, which vary from belt lines, door seals, and windows to windshields and other exterior body seals, are backed by our guarantee of quality and finish.

Vivid Racing Has Got You Covered With All Exterior Body Seals

When you notice leaks or hear air escaping through the cracks in your car window sweeps, replace them. We provide a large selection of channels, gaskets, and exterior body seals made of high-quality rubber to prevent the dust and elements out of your vehicle or car.

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