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Replacement Front Lip Spoilers

There are various types of aftermarket spoilers available today in different designs and materials. However, it can be argued that the best way to categorize spoilers is by where they will be mounted on a vehicle, as this will also determine how they can improve a car’s performance. A front lip spoiler is added to the front of the car below the bumper to lessen the drag created by rear spoilers. Front spoilers (or air dams) also block any unstable air currents from entering the chassis. Lip spoilers are usually added for aesthetics, but can be useful in reducing lift at higher speeds too.

Front lip spoilers vary in size according to the vehicle and manufacturer. However, they all work to reduce the amount of air flowing under the car, which is advantageous for a couple of reasons. The multitude of parts under an average car, including the exhaust, drivetrain and suspension, creates a lot of friction. So, less air flowing underneath your car is good, because it means a lot less drag. Another benefit of a front lip spoiler is that it forces more air to travel around the sides and over the roof of the car. This process serves to create a low-pressure area underneath, and consequently draws the body closer to the ground.

From a visual standpoint, a front air dam will make your vehicle appear lowered and closer to the ground than it is in reality. This will also make your car appear sportier and race ready. It is important to remember, though, that you will have to be more careful with driveways, speed bumps and potholes.

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