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Performance Fuel Pressure Gauge

A Fuel Pressure Gauge can be a fantastic monitoring tool for keeping an eye on your fuel system to maintain that it runs at optimum overall performance. Fuel Pressure Gauges track your vehicle's fuel pressure to minimize damage to your injector, especially the fuel pump. They can also help pinpoint a total lack of horsepower. Vivid Racing's range of mechanically driven Fuel Pressure Gauges is available in various types providing readings from 0 to 100 PSI.

This gauge intends to maintain a count of the fuel pressure in the fuel rail. As the system senses this input, the information is transferred to the engine control module.

From there, the machine will evaluate the results and make the appropriate adjustments to the pace of fuel injections and the volume of fuel injected. This enables maximum engine performance under the existing driving situations.

The engine control unit will determine the precise volume of fuel required by the engine. When more fuel than needed is pumped into the combustion chamber, the fuel consumption can degrade. Not only that, but the lifetime of emission-related components is diminishing, and unnecessary carbon emissions are being discharged into the atmosphere.

As most of the cars on the road today are designed to be as eco friendly as possible, this renders the fuel pressure gauge a principal component that must stay operational at all times.

Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pressure Sensor

Proper Fuel Pressure is crucial for optimum engine performance and management. Low fuel pressure can lead to difficult idling, terrible results, and reduced gas mileage. When more fuel is forced through all the injectors than is needed, high fuel pressure results in a more excellent air-to-fuel ratio. A high air-to-fuel ratio produces high emission and black exhaust particles that can overheat and harm your engine. If the fuel regulator refuses to complete the proper quantity of fuel, the result can be higher than the average fuel pressure. Replacing a Fuel Pressure Gauge from Vivid Racing helps you track low and high pressure to avoid fuel system damage.

Difficulty Starting Engine

If you have a low fuel pressure gauge, the ECU will not send the engine's right fuel volume. This is going to make it challenging to start your engine. When this problem first happens, a few try to force the engine around before it begins. But as the situation gradually worsens, it will require ever more efforts to get underway. Sooner or later, the engine would not start at all. Here at Vivid Racing, we will guarantee you the 100% performance of our fuel pressure gauge to get your driving experience maximum.


The engine can fail as the fuel pressure gauge goes from bad to much worse. You're going to drive, and then unexpectedly, your engine's going to stall. It could also stall when idling. This will enable driving incredibly challenging - and hazardous and inspire you to do much about it. Get your car to Vivid Racing right away and repair your fuel pressure gauge if it turns out to be the cause.

Weak Acceleration

When the car doesn't speed as it should after stepping on the car's gas pedal, you might have a wrong fuel pressure gauge. The engine control unit can not correctly relay the fuel system's message as it receives incorrect data from the sensor. This means that they won't know how to meet the fuel specifications put on the engine.

Check Engine Light

This doesn't necessarily imply that the engine itself is terrible, but rather something else in the vehicle that doesn't encourage it to do its job effectively. You probably won't know it's initially the fuel pressure gauge, but it can also be checked by a testing scan method. Take your vehicle to Vivid Racing to get serviced and repair the engine light for your fuel pressure gauge.

Uncommon Fuel Mileage

If your fuel pressure gauge doesn't work as it should, you'll find a significant decrease in fuel efficiency and mileage. The engine controller either sends too much fuel or not enough fuel through the fuel rail and then into the combustion chamber. You'll soon find more visits to the gas station and more funds out of your account.

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