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Fuel Regulators

Fuel Pressure Regulators

The fuel pressure regulator is a very important component in you cars fuel system. Some symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator are, engine runs rough and or sputters, the engine will start and then shut off and will not start again, noisy fuel pump and really bad gas mileage. Changing your Fuel Pressure Regulator my be the smart thing to do.
If you drive a high performance vehicle an adjustable fuel pressure regulator may be the right fit for you. Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators are the tuners choice. This type of Furl Pressure Regulator can be adjusted to deliver the exact amount of fuel you need for the particular driving conditions you face. Whether it be on the road or track an adjustable fuel pressure regulator is what the high performance Vehicle needs.

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Vivid Racing carries Adjustable Fuel Regulators for most performance cars. Here are just a few.

  • Universal Fuel Regulators 
  • Porsche Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Acura Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Honda Fuel Pressure Regulators  
  • Mitsubishi Fuel Pressure Regulators

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Vivid Racing carries Fuel Pressure Regulators from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Our manufacturers include: AEM, Aeromotive, Agency Power, AMS, ECS Tuning, HKS, JWT, Porsche, SARD, and Turbosmart

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