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Why Invest in Gearbox Tuning?

Gearbox tuning can dramatically improve the performance and the driving feel of any automatic geared vehicle. Generally, this type of tuning increases engine power and gear shifting speed by up to 50%. In some instances, the process also removes your car’s speed limiter unlocking new and exciting driving opportunities. There are many reasons why gearbox tuning is ideal for numerous car owners, especially those with automatic geared cars.

Even if you have successfully tuned your engine, it won’t make much of a difference if your gearbox is holding back its torque. This is especially true if the gearbox is measuring excessively high torque levels at the Controller Area Network (CAN bus). For this reason, it’s important to heighten the gearbox’s torque limiters to unlock the engine’s maximum, but likewise safe, capacity on the road.

A lot of gearboxes, particularly VAG transmissions, feature electronically induced delays that lower shift times. Gearbox tuning can significantly reduce these delays giving you faster accelerations and response times. Even if your engine hasn’t been tuned yet, shift performance tuning alone can make your vehicle feel a lot more powerful.

Are you tuning your car extensively? If you are, there’s a chance that your clutch has already started to slip since its pre-programmed clamping pressure isn’t designed to handle the additional torque. Electronically enhancing your car’s clamping pressure through gearbox tuning can be the solution to this problem.

A lot of gearboxes have built-in launch control features. Launch control is an electronic assist function that helps drivers accelerate quickly from a standing start. Sometimes though, this function has been deactivated and if it has been activated, the number of launches is often restricted.

In the same manner, launch control can be restricted based on temperature or steering position or only activates once ESP is deactivated. Gearbox tuning can give you optimal control over your car’s launch control.

Typically, throttle deactivates once you step on the brake. Gearbox tuning allows you to apply brakes using your left foot even with your right foot stepping on the gas pedal similar to racing cars or karts. This means that you can now use both the left and right pedals together at once.

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