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With more space. More care. More safety. In short, with more opportunities for your Porsche. Are boundaries not your thing? Admittedly, it's hard to believe that you could add any more to a Porsche. With Porsche Tequipment accessories, however, you can push the boundaries of what is feasible. 

Your life is your adventure. It's your story. You're not following the routes laid down by others. You're defining your destinations. So it's no wonder that one thing is essential when designing your Porsche: your ideas. The exterior & performance products ensure an even more dynamic appearance and emphasize your Porsche's sporty side.

Exciting stories in life rarely follow a predefined path. However, to ensure that you always arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, there is one thing you should never be without the right wheels from Porsche Tequipment. They make an impression by combining esthetics, dynamic performance, and safety. And they will accompany you on every journey, without compromise.

Driver Selection | Apparel

Want to get in on the Porsche Lifestyle?

The Porsche apparel is the entry portal to accessories for all things Porsche does outside of producing magnificent automobiles. 

They offer high-quality Porsche products to suit every occasion, in the minimalist style typical of Porsche. From clothing, home/office items, toys, model cars, and audio equipment to limited edition watches, Porsche’s lifestyle and vehicle accessories are designed for Porsche drivers and enthusiasts of all ages.

Like Porsche itself, its drivers’ apparel selection are unique, minimalist, yet stylishly exuding class.

Porsche Caps

Porsche is the most successful car marque in the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans.

Now, you can also show your allegiance with a plethora of selections of Porsche peaked caps. Some are decorated with the Porsche logo or the Porsche crest and others with an embroidered 911 logo.

Because of their discreet color schemes and stylish design, our exclusive caps make the perfect complement for ladies' and men's smart casual outfits. The workmanship and materials are first class and the caps are soft on your skin and comfortable to wear. Wearing a Porsche cap in your free time or at a sporting event indicates your love of motorsports in general and Porsche in particular. 

Porsche Sunglasses

It is almost imperative that you wear stylish sunglasses when you drive a car with the Porsche crest on its nose.

For the Porsche Driver's Selection exclusive range of sunglasses, Porsche’s designers have reinterpreted classic designs, such as aviator sunglasses. 

The technical details of the glasses, such as the hinges and the polycarbonate lenses in different shades of darkness, meet the high standards that apply to all Porsche products. It goes without saying that these glasses offer 100% UV protection. As well as providing the perfect protection for your eyes, the sunglasses are dashing accessories which make a clear fashion statement.

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