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Exhaust Headers

Eliminating the manufacturer’s exhaust manifold and adding a set of performance headers is the best way to reduce “power robbing” backpressure from your car’s engine. Normal exhaust manifolds cause backpressure when your engine runs. Manifolds use one chamber for 4 firing cylinders. An exhaust header is built to provide each cylinder with its own exhaust tube through which to vent. These pipes come together through a larger pipe known as the collector.

The individual pipes are cut and bent so that each one is the same length, guaranteeing that the cylinder’s gasses arrive in the collector spaced out equally. This design eliminates the backpressure, which in turn gives your car’s engine a great boost in power. To summarize, the goal of the headers is to make it easier for your engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders.

Headers are one of the easiest bolt-on accessories you can install to improve your vehicle’s engine performance. You are sure to notice more power and torque coming from your engine after the install. Headers are often installed because they boost the rate of exhaust flow out of your engine when compared with the OEM stock manifolds. It is recommended that you make the rest of your exhaust system less restrictive before considering or installing headers. This includes larger-diameter, mandrel bent pipes and free-flowing mufflers. To put it simply, there will be no benefit to putting headers if the exhaust flow will be “choked” or restricted down the line. Also note that headers will provide the biggest gains to cars and trucks equipped with cast-iron log-type exhaust manifolds.

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