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Performance Air Intake Boxes

Older engines drew air directly from the surroundings into each individual carburetor. Modern engines draw air into an airbox, which is connected by individual hoses to each carburetor, or directly to the intake ports in fuel-injected engines. This process permits the use of one air filter instead of many, and allows designers to exploit the properties of air to improve vehicle performance.

Air intake boxes are known by several names such as ram air intake boxes, air filter boxes and cold air boxes, just to name a few. The airbox collects air from the outside and and feeds it to the intake hoses of each cylinder. The air intake hose's primary function is to filter the air that goes into the intake manifold. Without the hose, junk could get into the manifold and travel to the vehicle's engine. Over time, this could cause the engine's injectors to stop up, resulting in poor gas mileage and vehicle efficiency. These issues can arise also when the air intake hose is dried, cracked, or just flat out old.

It is important to make sure your vehicle gets clean air and that its intake system has the proper parts to correctly and efficiently filter the air that your car breathes. Most systems (intake, filters and boxes) are easy to install and have a warranty. Maintenance is easy too; just make sure they are clean and replace the filter when needed.

Vivid Racing has a wide variety of air boxes and custom air intake boxes for your car or truck. We carry Air Boxes for the following vehicles:

  • Acura Air Boxes
  • Audi Air Intake Boxes
  • BMW Air Induction Boxes
  • Ferrari Air Boxes
  • Honda Air Intake Boxes
  • Mercedes Intake Boxes
  • Lamborghini Air Boxes
  • Mini Cooper Air Boxes
  • Mitsubishi EVO Air Boxes
  • Porsche Air Intake Boxes

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