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Why Should I Upgrade My Steering Wheel?

Unless you drive a classic European care or a supercar, chances are your steering wheel is boring to look at and not really nice to the touch. If you are serious about driving, you need a premium steering wheel. Vivid Racing is proud to offer a wide variety of custom steering wheels from the best brands in the industry. Whether you are looking for a racing steering wheel, sport steering wheel, universal steering wheel, quick release steering wheel, or some other type of custom steering wheel, we got you covered!

The steering system converts the rotation of the steering wheel into a rotating movement of the road wheels in such a way that the steering wheel rim turns a long way to move the road wheels a short distance. This is the main purpose of a steering wheel. However, if you want faster, more accurate steering and something that looks much better than what your car came with, then an aftermarket steering wheel should be attached to your car’s steering column.

Types of Steering Wheels

There are several different types of steering wheels to choose from, so which is best for your specific needs? Below, we detail the three main types of steering wheels we offer.

Custom Steering Wheels

If you are looking to add your own unique sense of style to your car and your steering wheel, a custom steering wheel may be the best option for you. Choose from a wide variety of unique custom steering wheels to find the design that is best for you.

A custom steering wheel performs the same task as the standard steering wheel does, but has added features to benefit the race car driver. Most of them are lighter than stock wheels, giving them weight savings. Some of them have pre-wired buttons for nitrous oxide systems, transmission lock systems, and electronic shifting systems, among other accessories and performance products.

In addition, most custom steering wheels are slightly flatter, giving you more adjustability with the seat position. Also, when coupled with a racing collapsible steering column, the racing steering wheel is designed to cushion the impact of the steering column on your chest if you are involved in an accident.

Universal Steering Wheels

A universal steering wheel is a wheel that is designed to fit pretty much every kind of vehicle. However, oftentimes an adapter is needed in order to make sure the universal steering wheel is secured firmly in place.

Quick Release Steering Wheel

A quick release steering wheel is a steering wheel that is designed to allow drivers to easily enter and exit the car. That means that if there is ever a crash or some other kind of emergency, a quick release steering wheel allows you to make a quick and safe exit from the vehicle.

It is, essentially, a performance steering wheel that securely attaches to the steering column by means of cams, push or pull rings or pins. Most steering wheels are attached to the steering column by means of a large nut, usually hidden by some trim pieces. A quick release wheel removes the trim pieces for the performance and racing environment. This type of wheel is usually coupled with a collapsible steering column to improve safety and allow the driver of a high-performance car to enter and exit the car quickly and easily in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, quick release steering wheels also deter thieves. They can’t drive a car without a steering wheel, right?

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