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Karting Helmets

Karting Helmets for Adults and Youths

If you're going to go-kart racing seriously just as a leisure activity, it's always necessary to put protection at the top of your priorities. Particularly in comparison to some other forms of motorsports, go-kart racing leaves you exposed to the public since there is nothing between you and the asphalt, unlike motorsport. It is also highly necessary to be fully fitted with protective equipment.

Among the most significant protective equipment you need is an accredited karting helmet. The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell) in the United States certify protective helmets. They both impose various observations and criteria. Snell approved helmets are more widely used in motorsports and are stricter in their qualification criteria.

Bell Karting Helmets

Bell was founded in the California racing scene of the 1950s by Roy Richter ??? a man who spent his career exploring the boundaries of what was conceivable. Roy established a whole enterprise to meet the unmet needs of the racers. His free spirit was Bell's shining force, gaining the respect, confidence, and devotion of thousands of world champions. Bell's legacy of designing next-generation helmets and apparel persists with its new range of cutting-edge products.

It's no random occurrence that Bell is the very first brand for speed and helmets. Bell Karting helmets are entirely compatible with trust and excitement that's impossible to beat. Established using constructive criticism from the best drivers globally, Bell Karting helmets are designed to be simple, lightweight, comfortable, and above all, the most cost-effective Karting helmets to fulfill the strenuous requirements of high speed and challenging racing conditions. In addition to ensuring substantial head protection, Bell Karting helmets offer complete comfort and safety, plus excellent ventilation ??? all that means keeping you throughout the competition.

Both sportsmen and experts know the ramifications and risks of racing, and so does Bell. Bell is proud to ensure that drivers wearing Bell helmets are as healthy as possible in all circumstances. Focusing on one thing ??? winning ??? Bell offers an entire collection of helmets that provide top-of-the-line results lap after lap. All Karting helmets are designed with protection at the front, meticulousness, and bold design. Bell helmets are intended for various racing styles and are entirely built to last and withstand in the most demanding conditions.

Arai Karting Helmets

Established in 1937 by Hirotake Arai, Arai Helmets was initially a maker of hats. The change to protective helmets came at the end of the 1940s with the building safety headgear. Motorcycle helmets quickly followed with their return to the line-up in 1952.

Arai utilized a fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) shell and moved from cork to an extended polystyrene inner lining in 1958. This has been the universal standard for the production of helmets for the last 60 years. While the American manufacturer Bell Helmets presented the world to the first full-face helmet, the Bell Star, Arai, was soon to come in 1963. In March 1967, Arai formed Japan's first full-face helmet.

Arai's perspective is that first and probably most important, they create karting helmets to meet their safety requirements. Their specification is such that it meets and exceeds the specifications laid down by SNELL and the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the United States. If you live in Europe, Arai helmets purchased quite often pass SNELL tests and ECE safety standards.

Arai's unwillingness to implement a coverless face shield scheme has little to do with the existing safety laws, but rather with Arai's internal laws. They believe that combining a flush-mounted face shield would accommodate the structure's integrity along with the shell recesses. That is also the explanation for the emergence of the Pro Shade System. They believe that the addition of an internal sun visor would affect the protection of their helmets.

The Arai shell architecture is based on its "R75 form" concept, which corresponds to a consistent radial curve distribution of at least 75 mm. Arai claims a more excellent dispersion of kinetic energy and decreases the karting helmet's ability to grab on uneven ground, thereby reducing unnecessary rotational forces.

Arai's concept is to produce helmets with three different inner head shapes, which vary from one model to another. Karting helmets are engineered with either a round oval, long oval, or optimal oval fitment. Because of this, the fit is not universal across all Arai helmets. Because one suits you beautifully, that doesn't mean you're going to get another Arai model. That being said, riders can fine-tune the fit of specific products. Arai offers a wide range of inner liners and cheek pads of different thicknesses. Additional modifications can be made by switching liners between the karting helmet versions or using micro-fit pads in the cheek pad cover.

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