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Mid Pipes

A midpipe is a section of the exhaust system that runs between the muffler and the catalytic converter. When you decide to replace of upgrade your exhaust, you will need a pipe to connect the exhaust from the cat to the muffler. In other words, a midpipe refers to the section of tubing between the catalytic converters and the rear mufflers on vehicles with two parallel exhaust pipes. Performance midpipes often feature a perpendicular connecting pipe or pipes that temporarily merge. The reason for this is to equalize the pressure in both of the exhaust pipes for optimal performance. There are two types of midpipes: the H-style pipe and the X-style pipe. If it is not obvious, the H-pipe is where there is a perpendicular connecting pipe resembling the letter H. By default, the X-pipe is where the pipes temporarily merge in the shape of the letter X.

Aside from them just looking different, these two pipe classes also feature different flow patterns for the exhaust gasses to go. Each one is strategically designed with a different strategy in mind and a different exhaust note outcome. If you are looking for a more high-pitched tone with some raspiness to the exhaust note, than you should look into an X-pipe. The H-pipes, on the other hand, produce more of a bass rumble like an older muscle car. While the X-pipe produces more power in higher RPMs, the H-pipe boosts more torque in lower RPMs. When making your decision, you will want to decide on one based on what your future plans for the car and what aftermarket/stock components your car currently has.

After you decide to buy a midpipe from us, be sure to check out our selection of everything else you will need to finish up that that new exhaust system. We offer headers, mufflers, tips, silences, Y-pipes and catback systems.

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