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Miscellaneous Internal Cabin Parts


The inside of a vehicle is referred to as the "cabin" or "interior." In addition to the vehicle's exterior, the interior is the portion of a car that the driver and passengers observe and interact with the most. Car interior components play an important role not only in enhancing the vehicle's appearance but also in boosting its overall performance. These miscellaneous components are crucial for improving a vehicle's efficiency and for its long-term ongoing maintenance. Parking aid sensors, control cables, cup holders, a wide rearview mirror, a hood release cable, sensors, accelerator pedal bushings, an interior panel clip, a shift knob, a trunk lock, a door lock knob, a seat belt, and a floor carpet clip are a few of the internal car parts. If designed correctly, vehicle interiors are not only comfort features but also a major purchase incentive.


Control cables are important vehicle components because they provide power, control, signal, and data communication for all of a vehicle's systems and equipment, including safety systems like ABS. They function as extension cables. Through a hood lever mechanism, other cables, such as the hood release cable, allow you to easily open the hood of your automobile. The hood latch cable, or hood release cable, is a crucial component of your vehicle because it facilitates easy access to the hood. Moreover, the APPS noise isolator provides a simple solution for removing annoying and potentially harmful RF interference from the APPS (TPS) circuit in order to eliminate voltage spikes that can cause torque converter lockup issues.

The computer utilizes the acceleration sensor as part of the "spark knock" detection system. Essentially, it is an accelerometer that informs the computer whether the suspected knocking from the knock sensor was a knock or a jolt caused by a severe road bump. In contrast, the Parking Aid Sensor is used to assist the driver in tight spaces by indicating the distance to obstacles via acoustic signals and a graphic on the center display. In addition, the car's rearview mirror serves a variety of functions that contribute to your safety as a driver. The rearview mirror promotes attentive driving by allowing the driver to see behind the vehicle without turning his or her head. You can monitor traffic and prepare for potential dangers by using the rearview mirror.


It is rarely easy to find the ideal aftermarket component. We completely understand, and we are here to assist you in locating the best miscellaneous internal cabin parts and upgrades for your particular application. Our passion is assisting customers in creating their dream vehicles. Vivid Racing guarantees that their products meet the quality, comfort, and strength requirements of their customers.