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Paddle Shifters

What are Paddle Shifters?

Shift paddles let drivers electrically shift their vehicle's automatic transmission. Because of the conventional button clutch and gear-shift lever on a manual transmission, drivers of automatic transmission pull on the joystick itself to change gears manually. The right paddle on most cars will shift to a higher gear while speeding while the paddle on the left will shift to a lower gear while slowing down. Vehicles with paddle shifters are fully automatic - if you leave the paddles behind, they'll move on their own.

How do paddle shifters work?

There is a device in a typical automatic transmission car that determines by itself which gear you will be in when you drive based on how far you are going. While there are various models for automatic transmission like dual-clutch, continuously variable shifting, and hydraulic transmission, all shift gears are essentially the same way but they're doing it very well these days. This technology is extremely user-friendly and powerful, which is why so many cars now use it. So while these devices usually conserve fuel and switch into another right gear at the right time, this doesn't mean there are not many moments when you'd rather have more power of your own gear shift. How would you want that to happen? As this provides another dimension of power and driving enjoyment. To use a paddle shifter to change up to or down advises the machine to shift gears and control the movement, rather than allowing it to happen on its own. It's fun, it can make a risky road patch a bit safer and it's just a cool all-around feature.

How do I use Paddle Shifters?

It is fairly simple to use paddle shifters since there are not many moving parts or complex systems involved. A typical manual transmission can seem like an obstacle for someone unaccustomed with that as well, as the gear shift is placed on a road of moving branches that a first-time driver finds hard to understand. A paddle gearshift is a turn. Zoom in or move it out and you're done.

Based on the car's configuration and how it is set up, as you click up or down, the computer of the car can retain the new gear for a moment and either revert to automatic, or you can disable automatic and maintain manual control entirely. Also in this mode, if the way you drive isn't suitable for the transmission, it will push you into the correct gear and you won't risk destroying the vehicle regardless.

Benefits of Paddle Shifters:

  • In downshifting, when you need to slow down quickly and turn a corner firmly, use the left joystick to reduce the transmission by one or two gears as you turn gives extra torque for fast maneuver.
  • Under power, the vehicle's engine switches gears with an automatic transmission as driving conditions dictate. You don't need to contact the gear shift again until you've put the car in Drive before you're able to park or back up.
  • If you are heading downhill in bad weather or if you are towing anything, using the left downhill joystick will allow the engine to better control the weight of the load.
  • Some paddle shifters let you start in second gear instead of first - reducing the amount of torque that is sent to your vehicle's drive wheels.

Why Would You Want an Aftermarket Paddle Shifter?

  • One of the most attractive features of driving a manual transmission vehicle is the way the car feels when you drive it
  • Having aftermarket paddle shifters makes your car what many people have taken to calling semi-automatic
  • When it comes to racing, they were introduced to automate the clutch and make shifting gears physically quicker and simpler.
  • Another benefit of it is that it keeps the driver's hands on the wheel

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