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Replacement Rear Bumpers

Although you may lead with your vehicle’s nose, but its rear is what leaves the final impression. Swap your current rear bumper with one from our extensive selection to ensure that you get one with high quality and durability. Aftermarket exterior parts help improve your vehicles aerodynamics by increasing downforce. To help your rear stand out even more, opt for a rear diffuser in addition to a new rear bumper. The diffuser will protrude from below the bumper and, depending on the style, give it a more aggressive appearance as you pass your competition.

We offer quality bumpers in urethane, fiberglass and carbon fiber. No matter what you choose, whether it be a black, chrome or painted rear bumper, you will surely be adding to the look of your vehicle. Some rear bumper kits come with a UV coating, that will allow it to hold its high gloss finish for years to come. Aero rear bumpers can greatly improve your car’s curb weight, downforce and overall appearance. It’s up to you, however, to choose the color, style and material.

Fiberglass rear bumpers are heavily in professional racing because they are inexpensive, strong and great for painting. Polyurethane, however, is more flexible than fiberglass and therefore easier to install. Carbon fiber is a recommended material for body parts, especially in racing, because it is extremely lightweight. Carbon fiber is easily recognizable by its woven design appearance. Many of these rear bumpers come pre-drilled for ease of fitment and installation. Aside from added styling, replacing your rear bumper can improve your vehicle’s performance.

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