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Replacement Rear Lip Spoilers

Spoilers are arguably one of the most popular parts in the auto accessory industry. Depending on the application purpose, spoilers differ by type and location. The main ones are the front and rear spoilers, in addition to rear wings and lip spoilers. Spoilers can be produced from several different materials, including fiberglass, ABS plastic, silicon, and carbon fiber. Depending on the design and material, some spoilers can be easily set by using 3M adhesive tape; others can be mounted with hardware. Keep in mind, however, that some installations may require light drilling for mounting.

The front lip spoiler is installed in conjunction with the car’s side skirts and makes it appear much lower, extending the length of the bumper cover. The rear lip spoiler is mounted on the edge of the trunk lid. Available in various designs, the lip spoilers are used for style and to make the car appear more sports. However a well-designed spoiler can also enhance a vehicle’s performance by improving its maneuverability through aerodynamics.

Lip spoilers are tasteful members of the spoiler family. Unlike large rear wings or decks, a lip spoiler won’t drastically change the appearance of your car. They are subtle, yet noticeable, without being “in your face.” The right rear lip spoiler will greatly complement your car’s styling and performance. Size isn’t important here, as a small sized spoiler does not make it ineffective. Some spoilers are in fact designed to create downforce and reduce drag. When choosing one, you must have an idea of the purpose you are looking to achieve and the appearance you want your vehicle to sport.

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