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Aftermarket Aero Kit Rear Spoilers and Wings

A spoiler, by definition, is an automotive aerodynamic device whose intended design function is to “spoil” unfavorable air movement across a vehicle in motion, usually described as turbulence or drag. Rear spoilers are often seen on race and high-performance sports cars. Though they have become common on passenger vehicles as of late too. The main design goal of a spoiler in passenger vehicles is to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. The worst airflow a car sees is at its rear end, where the shape of the vehicle pulls air downward and generates turbulent, low-pressure air pockets behind the car. This consequently results in drag, which of course is not wanted.  Installing a rear spoiler can change that airflow. Some spoilers are added to vehicles primarily for styling purposes and have either little aerodynamic benefit. Choosing the wrong spoiler for your vehicle can even worsen its aerodynamics. Be sure to research the best brands, materials and designs for a spoiler that will work best for you.

Roof spoilers are another exterior part that, when added, can add to it and change the appearance of the rear window. They are custom designed to fit the upper window section of a vehicle and install directly above the glass. Most roof spoilers are custom molded and need minimal to no modifications to mount. It’s a simple, understated mod that can turn an ordinary sedan into a more sporty and performance-oriented vehicle. Roof spoilers that are designed for hatchbacks are usually more pronounced and extend well past the roofline.

Spoilers are often confused with wings in the automotive community. The two terms are frequently and incorrectly used interchangeably. A rear wing is intended to increase drag or generate downforce on a vehicle, or merely provide “aesthetics.” The angle of the wing on some cars can be adjusted to increase downward force over the rear wheels, but it has the dual result of increasing drag. Any car that can be made to oversteer, including FWD cars, can benefit from the addition of a rear wing. In RWD cars, this increased drag may increase speed in turns but at a cost to top speed, thus requiring tuning for various racing conditions.

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