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Replacement Scoops, Vents, Ducts

A bonnet/hood scoop is an upraised component on a vehicle’s hood that allows a flow of air to directly enter the engine compartment. Scoops are a great alternative to buying an entirely different aftermarket hood with vents, and are usually less expensive. Whether you’re looking to feed your engine more power-building air, or simply wish to give your car a performance makeover, there’s a scoop out there for you. There are two basic types of hood scoops, open and closed ones. Open hood scoops are enclosed on all but three sides, and raised as to catch additional airflow, particularly at higher speeds. Closed hood scoops are more decorative, but can also increase aerodynamics and therefore provide better fuel efficiency and speed.

In almost every factory car with hood vents, there is some sort of ducting to direct whatever heat they are trying to remove. The goal of the hood vent is to reduce engine bay temperatures. This can lead to lower intake temperatures and protection to components in your vehicle’s engine bay.

Hood louvers, also called hood ducts or cowls, cool your car’s engine by allowing heat to escape. After all, heat is the enemy of performance and longevity in the automotive world. The same reasons you would look into buying a cold air filter are similar to reasons why you would invest in a hood duct. The goal is to get the hot air out, and that needs to happen before cool air can come in.

When purchasing a hood scoop, vent or duct for your car, it is important to get one that is not just attractive, but also functional. Find the style and type that appeals to you, and choose a material – urethane or carbon fiber.

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