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Automotive Suspension Springs / Lowering Springs

Lowering your car not only gives it a better look, it will enhance your vehicles handling characteristics. Factory suspension is supposed to be soft and comfortable for the everyday user. To improve your handling in turns and steering response, lowering springs are designed to be stiffer and give the car a lower center of gravity. Because your car will have less body roll with lowering springs, the car will respond quicker. Not only will your handling improve, the look of a lowered vehicle is amazing. The reduction of the wheel gap gives your car a sportier stance and aggressive demeanor. Aftermarket performance springs will be used with your factory strut assemblies. Because the spring is not as long, the strut will travel less in bumps. Most springs will then cause the vehicles ride to be a little bumpier on harsher road conditions. Racing or lowering springs are a great suspension modification for daily drivers or those wanting to improve the look of their vehicle without spending the money on coilovers.

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