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What are Interior Switches?

In the past, most of the design considerations for automotive interior controls focused on the basic functionality of a limited number of switches on a single dashboard. However, as the design of the car evolves and more comfort and convenience features are added, attention is paid to the esthetic characteristics of interior controls and switches.

With the advent of advanced electronic technology – something that drivers now expect as part of the interior of the vehicle – automotive engineers need to take a more holistic approach when it comes to designing their interface controls. This includes ensuring that the vehicle's look and feel, performance and safety are integrated from the start of the design.

Switches on a dashboard. In the early days when interior controls were primarily electromechanical, interior designers used robust pushbutton switches with relatively long travel time – referring to the distance required to actuate the switch. As automotive interior subsystems have transitioned from electromechanical to electronic, drivers now gravitate towards switches with less travel time. This is especially true for the mobile-first generation, whose members have grown up with handheld electronics and are more familiar with short-travel switches.

For the more electronically inclined driver, interface controls evolved to smaller tactile switches with much shorter travel. Although this may seem like a small fix, many drivers consider old-school, long-travel switches to feel manual, clunky, and of lesser quality.

Interior switches can also make the interior of your car cooler. Some switches can be modified to change your final drive, raise or lower your car’s ride height, and you can even have a sequence of rocker arm switches only to activate nitrous or change your boost setting. It is cool because you will feel like a pilot instead of a driver.

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