Transmission Pans

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Without the transmission pan, no existing transmission system can work. In preserving and collecting the proper transmission fluid level, this aspect is crucial as easy and convenient as it sounds. In addition to the transmission pan gasket, the fluid drain plug for transmission fluid flushing and a particle magnet helps prevent the fluid from flowing out even though hydraulic pressure is applied.

Modern automated transmissions are masterpieces of product design. Late cars, SUVs, and trucks offer both sudden acceleration and outstanding fuel efficiency with their numerous gear ratios. They switch with a simplicity that helps make these other gear changes almost imperceptible. And they're doing this without demanding any consideration for many thousand miles.

In reality, many producers of vehicles are so comfortable in the reliability of their automatic transmissions that until over a hundred thousand miles, they do not suggest fluid adjustments, and many transmissions do not even have a dipstick! We will not address the rationale of such choices, but if you want to continue, we believe that you are the kind of car owner who preserves his car and does the job yourself.

You definitely also have your thoughts on correct set intervals and processes. If so, to maintain your transmission in fantastic condition and your vehicle operating well, we have the transmission components you desire. We will save you a ride to the dealership and high retail costs with our inexpensive, OE standard pieces and sell you products that improve from standard parts in some instances.

How To Locate Transmission Pans?

The transmission oil pan is typically attached to the base of the transmission unit. At least 6 bolts are holding it in position. Now the transmission arrangement position can differ per drivetrain. Either on the left or right, front-wheel-drive cars have the transmission beneath the engine compartment. On the other side, rear-wheel-drive vehicles have it dangling right underneath the hump of the center console.

Symptoms of a Leaking Transmission Pans

Sooner or later, a defective transmission pan can result in a decrease in transmission fluid. Within the transmission system, low transmission fluid is hazardous to all components. The mechanical parts within the transmission box can rub against one another, and the shortage of transmission fluid may lead to sliced metal shards that can damage the transmission pan and fluid pipes.

Uncommon Smell

A light red or brown look should have appropriate transmission fluid. To lubricate all mechanical components within the transmission box, low transmission fluid won't make sense. The liquid gradually burns out and becomes dark as the metal pieces rub.

Dark Brown Spillage

By analyzing the soil under your car, the leaking transmission pan can be easily identified. When you see a deep dark brown pool of water developing directly below the place where the transmission is installed, there is a good likelihood that your transmission pan will be compromised and an urgent repair is required.

Noisy Gear Shifting

As the gears grind with other metal components within the transmission unit, you can also hear strange sounds. Such sounds are known as whining or clattering metal. This is the start of the wearing of a part and is never a positive indication. When you encounter any of the mentioned symptoms, take immediate action.

Lean on us to make improvements with the dipstick and dipstick tube you require so you can avoid leaks and preserve a reliable amount of fluid.

We Will Take Care Of Your Transmission Pans

No matter what you're operating on to maintain long-lasting transmission efficiency and reliability, we have the replacement transmission necessary components. Our dipsticks, tubes, filler caps, drain plugs, transmission pans, and related parts are assembled to the original equipment requirements, so you can rely on the efficiency and effectiveness your vehicle has been built to provide when the task is finished.

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