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Replacement Trunks and Boots

A trunk or boot is one of the initial things you notice at the rear of a vehicle. The term trunk is used mainly in the U.S. and Canada; Boot is more commonly used in England. The usage of the word “trunk” comes from it being the same word for a large traveling chest. Before the development of the integrated storage compartment, some trunks were attached to the back of vehicles in the 1930s. The usage of the word “boot” comes from the word for a built-in compartment on a horse-drawn carriage – originally used as a seat for the coachman.

The trunk of a car is its main storage compartment and a very important feature to look at when purchasing a vehicle. Due to accidents or other reasons, you may find yourself in need of replacing your trunk, tailgate or storage component. Unfortunately, daily traffic incidents result in trunks being bashed in by inattentive drivers. On a more positive note, you may simply be looking to change the appearance of your car’s rear with a replacement trunk. Vivid Racing carries several OE or aftermarket trunk lids to suit your style and needs.

It can be argued that no other panel on a car or truck is abused as much as a pickup or working truck’s tailgate. Typically, the tailgate on these trucks is stood on, slammed, and dinged from work supplies and carelessness. Tailgates can also experience drainage issues and rust on the bottom. After years of taking abuse, some tailgates don’t even work properly anymore and have to be replaced.

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