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Exhaust Up Pipes

Exhaust Up Pipes

Replace your Subaru's stock Up Pipe with a quality performance Up Pipe. Vivid Racing carries WRX up pipes, STI uppipes, Impreza up pipes, WRX/STI up-pipes, and Forrester XT up pipes.   

The factory manifold and up-pipe are other limiting points in the exhaust flow out of the engine. The funnel is the thing that takes exhaust pressure out of the ears, and more of a way to the compressor. The up pipe is the last piece of tubing that consolidates and brings all the exhaust gas from the four manifold tubes into the turbine housing.

Some headers merge the header and up pipe into one box, bundled together and sold together. The cause for this is that the two-bolt flange that connects the cast iron manifold to the factory up pipe is sufficient for the stock components, a stainless steel header extends and stretches further than the cast iron manifold, and with just two bolts connecting the manifold and up the pipe together, the two appear to break away from each other, resulting in leakage. Many aftermarket headers have a three-bolt flange that is much safer to hold the header tightly secured to the up screw.

Tubular header manifolds are incredibly costly to build. There are plenty of twists and close tolerances. That is why the header change is a pretty costly way to gain power.

Benefits of Exhaust Up Pipes

Increased Performance

The main reason a lot of people go for an exhaust pipe is that these systems improve the horsepower of the engine. Such systems reduce back pressure from the engine allowing a free flow of exhaust gasses and enabling the engine to operate without hindrances. You are having better fuel economy and horsepower a little higher.


Also the exhaust up pipes make your car stand out in the crowd. To make this look appealing, you can apply a chrome finish to the exhaust tip. Different welding techniques are employed to give the tip beautiful colors. The more exhaust pipes you've got in the driving world the sportier your car is.

Engine's True Sounds

The exhaust pipe system emits an engine's true vibration. Since there are no limitations including a muffler along the road, the vehicle sounds rough and sweet. You might need to rethink starting your car early in the morning, however, as that would wake your neighbors.

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