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Porsche Tequipment Wheels with Winter Tires

Porsche Tequipment Wheels with Winter Tires

Winter and sporting capabilities? They are strongly intertwined. Your Porsche, after all, is the ultimate partner for every season. And wheels with winter tires from Porsche Tequipment not only look great on your car, but they also fulfill the greatest standards in terms of durability, security, and driving enjoyment. Even when it's freezing outside for maximum performance.

Drive Safely From The Ground to Your Car

The tires are the first to warm up for the winter. Because they convey the Porsche's tremendous performance to the road pavement, only appropriate tires for the season can develop a link with the road, ensuring productivity, protection, and enjoyment.

For a summer tire, winter starts long before the first snowfall. Its rubber compounds begin to harden at temperatures as low as +7??C. Driving qualities decrease, resulting in longer braking distances. In wet conditions, winter tires can cut braking distance by up to 12%, and in the snow, they can cut it by up to 19%. Furthermore, you may more easily manage the vehicle.

Expert Engineers

As a result, when designing the Porsche Tequipment wheels with winter tires, their engineers leave nothing at all to opportunity. All winter tires must establish their Porsche adaptability even in the harshest conditions.

Their experts test the tires to see how far they can go. All tire products should show their capabilities on wet roads, snow, and tarmac. Performance, brake, traction, stability, and braking procedures are all performed on the different winter road surfaces.

As recommended by Porsche, only the greatest tires will receive the 'N' designation in the finish.

High-Quality Wheels & Tires

One rule applies utmost excellence from the first second ahead in constructing their wheels with winter tires. This is why their tests are based on laps at the Nurburgring. The values found there are used as input variables for their wheels' conducting tests.

The 'biaxial wheel test' (ZWARP) endurance test represents the long-term strain associated with aggressive driving behaviors. The end product is a set of safe and high-performing wheels.

Performance Tires

A crucial criterion for quality. Performance, rolling noise, and rolling resistance, among other features, are tested on the test track in Weissach under the most extreme conditions. The 'N' mark ??? for Porsche-recommended tires ??? is earned after a thorough analysis of 33 critical criteria.

There are 12 objectives outside criteria and 16 objective test bench criteria, including dry and wet braking efficiency and service longevity. These evaluate rolling resistance and high-speed strength, among other things.

There are five subjective outside factors: performance and comfort when driving. And at the end of the day? The coveted 'N' designation is only given to the best tires. The quality that can be identified at a glance.

Exceptional Design

You may anticipate Porsche's performance in terms of design as well. Since winter tires from Porsche Tequipment not only let you take notice technically, but they also make you aware aesthetically.

Regardless of the model. Because each wheel is custom-made for your Porsche. And that it was created by the same engineers and designers who created the automobiles for the general concept of the vehicle.

As a result, winter tires fit the wheels, ensuring optimal performance even in wintry circumstances. And which provide you with a wide range of possibilities. Whether it's sporty, elegant, slim, or startling, there's a style for you. 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, or 21-inch.

Satin platinum or black paint (high-gloss). With a multi-spoke configuration or a sporty dual-arm style. You can see all of the wheels with winter tires that are available for your Porsche.

Whichever style you pick, Porsche Tequipment wheels with winter tires are the ideal aesthetic and functional complement to your Porsche.

Winter Performance at Its Finest

Winter is a fleeting season. The level of performance is maintained. After all, your Porsche is a sports car 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You'll be adequately prepared for cold temperatures, slush, snow, and slick roads with winter tires from Porsche Tequipment, which are specifically matched to your Porsche.

While others must change down a level, you may drive energetically as normal with Porsche wheels and winter tires. With the highest possible power output and perfect safety.

The unique tread and modified rubber compound provide the even greater grip. Water from the road, for example, is swiftly drained from the tires thanks to the specific siped tread patterns.

This provides excellent braking and handling in rainy conditions. Furthermore, the clever winter profile offers exceptional traction on icy roads. This implies that driving a Porsche in the winter is equally as enjoyable as in the summer.

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