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Replacement Body Kits

One of the best ways to customize your car or truck is by installing a full body kit. A ground effects kit or body kit is sure to transform your car and make it look track ready. “Ground effects” is a term applied to a series of aerodynamic effects used in car design to create down force and decrease drag. Particularly used in race cars, ground effects pertains to the added aerodynamic flexibility produced by a cushion of air below a vehicle moving close to the ground.

Vivid Racing carries a large assortment of individual components and complete kits to suit your style. The contents of a body kit will generally vary according to the vehicle and manufacturer. However, ground effects kits usually include a front lip spoiler or air dam, side skirts, and a rear air dam. A full body kit contains aerodynamic bumpers and side skirts, and may also include fenders, a hood and grille. While browsing through different kits, you may opt to install a wide body kit on your vehicle. This will visibly change the appearance of your car or truck by giving it a meaner stance and aggressive look. You will know if a car has a wide body kit just by glancing at it. It is not hard to miss!

Body kits are generally made from polyurethane, fiberglass or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a lightweight material and a popular choice among car enthusiasts; though, it is not as popular as polyurethane. Polyurethane kits are a fan favorite due to their resistance ability to damage, and because they will not crack in cold weather. Polyurethane is very durable and the parts tend to last longer.

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