Those at febi are pursuing an ambitious mission. They want to supply you with the best spare parts for the aftermarket at any time and wherever you are in the world. In order to meet their aspiration to be number one, they are focusing all of their business activities on clear ideals and goals. They create the foundation of their day-to-day work and are reflected in our mission statement and guiding principles.

You have a right to excellence.

The top objective at febi is their guiding principle - to satisfy their customers. It is their requirements and expectations which they want to measure theirselves by, in order to then surpass them. Because as they know, it is only with excellent production quality, exemplary service, competitive pricing, reliability, speed, transparency and the highest level of delivery reliability that we can maintain and develop their market position and reputation.

As a long-established company febi bilstein has always been aware of its social responsibility. The idea of acting in a socially correct and environmentally sustainable manner is deeply rooted in their business. True to their motto “Think globally, act locally”, they have pledged their commitment to the local community to secure jobs, and are involved in social projects. At the same time they endeavour, through economical use of resources, clean production processes and the avoidance of waste, to protect and preserve the most important asset – the environment – as far as possible.