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With some of the best suspension talent in the industry, K-MAC for over 50 years now has been designing, manufacturing and race testing adjuster kits/bushes longer than anyone else. It’s no wonder situations where Race Safety Scrutineers insist that only K-MAC adjusted kits are allowed to be used!

THE KITS REDUCE UNEVEN, PREMATURE TIRE WEAR, improve traction and high speed directional stability, plus resolve steering pull and allow ongoing adjustment for accident damage, curb knocks or race / rally settings.

By the 1990’s, the majority of new car manufacturers had deleted adjustment facilities, other than front toe (but adjusting “toe” however ONLY ALTERS THE WEAR POSITION, and actually increases the overall wear rate. This deletion was brought about by cost cutting and the ever increasing speed of vehicle assembly lines allowing insufficient time for adjustment.

K-MAC – THEREFORE SAW THE NEED and set about to design and manufacture a complete “Bolt On” range of front Camber and Caster & rear Camber and Toe kits to satisfy the demand from sports / competition enthusiasts or simply frustrated consumers with expensive / premature tire wear problems, brought about by uneven wear, altered suspension height, carrying extra load, curb knocks, driving on high cambered roads or front / rear wheel squat, with subsequent inner edge tire wear. Above problems are further exacerbated by the fitment of wide low profile tires, where facilities for adjusting Camber because of the extra width are an essential requirement to maintain even tire wear / traction.