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Racing Studio-R or RS-R began life as a wholesale distributor in Osaka, Japan. Unsatisfied with the quality of parts they were able to obtain, They started their own factory in September 1980. In 1998 RS-R established distribution in America and the website. In 2011 they opened RS-R USA, their American subsidiary company. They are working to establish their brand and reputation in America

RS-R strives to create only high-performance/high-quality products that do not exist in offerings from other companies. They do that by actively embracing the trial of motorsports competition such as drag races, N1, sprints, drifting, rallies and Super GT.

Now they are in the 21st century, where the social climate and technological innovation changes quickly. They want to pursue what their customers need, and what is best for society. In order to do that, they are committed to develop and manufacture products that satisfy the demand of their consumers now and in the future – without forgetting our beginning through the best technology and service. RS-R takes pride in our young energy, imagination and curiosity; their continuously questioning mind; and spirit of fortitude.