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Shock Accessories

Shock Accessories

Did you feel an awkward knock at the bottom of every speed bump? Or maybe your road feels a little washed around tight corners? It's time to start searching at Vivid Racing for an upgrade if your truck shocks are coming up to their lifespan or simply are not cut off for the kind of driving you are doing. Vivid Racing has a wide variety of shock accessories to fit all types of vehicles, from lightning-fast sports cars to extreme off-road trucks and everything else.

You will have not only a bone-shaking ride but also little control without a suspension system and magnificent shock accessories. The tires would jump and the tires that can not steer, and tires that are not in contact with the road can't direct, move, or stop the vehicle. The suspension together with our shock accessories keeps the wheels in contact with the traction, steering, and braking surface so that the power can be driven into the ground and be controlled. All suspension systems provide bumps and shock absorbers in the springs to control the impact.

Struts or shock absorbers are used independently by the suspension system. A strut is a form of shock absorber which also supports the suspension. There are modified struts with distinct springs, but a MacPherson strut is perhaps the most popular type, with one unit containing a shock, spring, and suspension component. The top of the strut is the upper steering pivot when used at the front of the vehicle. With the suspension of the control arm, shock absorbers are used.

Struts or shock absorbers are added to individual suspensions. A strut is a form of shock absorber which also supports the suspension. Modified struts have different springs but the most common kind of one is the MacPherson strut with a shock, spring, and suspension component in one design. The top of the strut is the top pivot when used at the front of the vehicle. Shock absorbers are used for stabilization of the control arm. The most frequently used suspension components are shocks and struts. As the handling and riding quality progressively deteriorate and decrease, it is advisable to replace them after 50,000 miles, sooner if you have a bouncy ride, nose-diving during braking, and excessive body rollovers on turns.

A bit self-conscious about your height? We can't help you stand taller, but we can help you get the perfect ride height for your car. If you're looking to lower your center of gravity to help give you that speed advantage around the corners, check out our coilover range. We stock the big brands like Bilstein and FOX, plus plenty of other specialist brands that bring you the ability to adjust your car's height, rebound, and compression to get a completely custom and dialed-in ride. Don't settle for the stock standard, get something to suit your needs with the shocks and struts we have at Vivid Racing.

A little self-aware of your height? But we will help you get the ideal ride height for your vehicle. Check out the selection of our coilovers if you want your center of gravity to lower your speed around the curves. We have large brands such as Bilstein and FOX, and several other specialist brands that can adjust your vehicle's height, rebound, and compression of your car in order to be personalized and dialed. Don't sit down to the stock norm, get the shock accessories and struts we have at Vivid Racing to fit your needs.

Manufacturers We Have

  • ADS Racing Shocks
  • AFE
  • Allstar Performance
  • Assault Industries
  • BBK
  • Belltech
  • BikeMaster
  • Bilstein Suspension
  • Daystar
  • Dinan
  • Energy Suspension
  • Fabtech
  • Fire Power Parts
  • First Equipment Quality
  • Fox Racing Shox
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics
  • KW Suspension
  • Prothane
  • Rugged Ridge and many more. Just browse for other manufacturers at the left section of this page

Change the handling of your vehicle with a wide range of shocks, but ensure that it suits you properly by filtering out the items best for your wheels using our vehicle finder. Through the community of driving enthusiasts' honest and personal reviews of our products, our fantastic driving group can help you minimize your choice even further, and we are here to help you pick your next truck and car shocks through courage.

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