Universal Steering Wheels

Everything You Need to Know About Universal Performance Steering Wheel

A steering wheel (also called a driving wheel, or a hand wheel) is a type of vehicle steering control. Many modern ground vehicles, including all mass-produced cars, as well as buses, light and heavy trucks, and tractors, use steering wheels. The steering wheel is the driver-manipulated component of the steering system; the rest of the steering system responds to these driver inputs.


Tiltable Steering Wheels

The tiltable steering wheels were first developed by General Motors in 1963 and give different angle positions around a wide arc. This function allows for an adjustable joint just below the steering wheel, without affecting the steering column position. While this type of wheel was originally only available in luxury cars, it is now popular in all manner of models.

Universal Steering Wheels

From the word itself, universal, meaning including or covering all or a whole collectively or distributively without limit or exception. This type of steering wheel will access any type of car available in the world. From trucks, cars, SUVs, and etc. With this type of steering wheel, you can achieve your wanted design or maybe a replica of a supercar's steering wheel to add more decoration to your car.

Telescoping Steering Wheels

Telescopic steering wheels are similar in adjustability to tiltable spokes, but the telescopic systems provide a variety of heights. Unlike a tiltable wheel's long, multi-position arc, telescopes can be adjusted to an infinite number of positions within a three-inch range.

Swing-Away Steering Wheels

The swing-away steering wheel, introduced by Ford in its classic Thunderbird in 1961, provided additional driving comfort inside a revolutionary package. When the vehicle was in the park it allowed the steering wheel to be shifted nine inches to the right, making it easier for drivers to enter and exit the car.

Vivid Racing's Performance Aftermarket Universal Steering Wheel

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  • Deep Dish Steering Wheels
  • Dragonfire Steering Wheels
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  • NRG Steering Wheels
  • Personal Steering Wheels
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  • Triple X and many more!

Why Change to Universal Steering Wheels?

  • Vivid Racing ensures that compared to the stock wheels, universal steering wheels have superior rigidity and strength.
  • Constructed from high strength materials, with a matte black finish for extra durability and to make it look cool.
  • They are lab tested and the outlaw was proven, in the most strenuous of environments. Whether you are a new customer or a repeat customer, you can be assured that you're buying race-proven products at great prices.
  • From the street to the track, Vivid Racing's Universal Steering Wheel has built its reputation on quality, cutting-edge solutions designed to simplify installation, maximize reliability, and provide the winning advantage.