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High-Quality Spark Plug Wires and Boots

Spark plug wires, also known as ignition cables or high tension leads, carry power from the distributor or ignition coil to the spark plugs. It arcs across the space between the middle electrode and side electrode of each plug to light the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders. A spark plug wire comprises conductive material wrapped in insulation and protected by a temperature-resistant outermost layer. A metallic terminal fits over the spark plug terminal at one end of the cable, while the other connects to the distributor cap tower or ignition coil.

At either end, protective boots shield the terminals and assist keep the wires in position. Spark plug wires can be degraded by heat, age, abrasion, and exposure to chemicals. This leads to more excellent resistance and fractured, chafed, or scorched insulation, leading to a rough idle, misfire, difficulty starting, and poor performance and fuel efficiency. You may rely on our new spark plugs to improve performance if you're suffering these indications and plug wire issues.

Spark plug wires transmit thousands of volts towards the spark plugs - up to 45,000V, depending on the application. They must be coated in heavy insulation and have a rubber boot at either end to avoid excessive voltages from leaping off the wire before everything approaches the spark plug. The boot keeps moisture, rust, oil, and other impurities from the metal connections. Furthermore, wires must be carefully made to meet OEM specifications, ensuring cost-effective fuel usage, perfect ignition, excellent engine performance, and EMI suppression (Electro-Magnetic Interference).

However, spark plug wires function in a dangerous environment, so no matter how carefully they are made, they might fail to expose the spark plugs with a poor spark or even no spark.

Symptoms of Failing Spark Plug Wires

Heat Damage

Engine heat may damage wire insulation and boots. A damaged boot might inhibit correct spark plug wire placement and performance. Wire insulation broken by the head might cause electricity to jump to the ground instead of crossing the space at the bottom of the spark plug.

Wear and Tear

Engine vibration can cause the electrical connection at the spark plug to weaken over time. The voltage necessary to ignite the spark plug rises, potentially damaging the ignition coil and spark plug wires.

Spark plug wires can be degraded by age, abrasion, heat, and chemical contaminants, leading to greater resistance and cracked, chafed, or burned insulation, difficulty starting, malfunctioning, unpleasantness idle, and bad acceleration and fuel efficiency. You may rely on our new spark plug wires to improve performance if you're suffering these symptoms and plug wire issues.

You should inspect the spark plug wires for indications of cracked, cut, abraded, or burned insulation, loose or broken boots, and corroded terminals. If you're experiencing any of the symptoms described above, the check engine light is lighted due to a major misfire code or performing a routine tune-up.

Arcing from a faulty wire to the ground when the engine operates may be apparent. However, while the motor is working, you may check for damaged wires and possible shorts by passing the tip of a grounded 12-volt tester light along the length of the cable.

A plug wire with high resistance will have a higher than necessary firing voltage on a diagnostic oscilloscope. A DVOM (Digital Volt Ohm Meter) may assess the resistance of plug wires and compare it to specifications.

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